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Necklace | Apsara

The necklace Apsara is made with an old bronze ring from the Kondh, a tribe from East India. The Kondh wore many of these rings tied in hip belts. At the end of the strands of glass beads are small bronze leaves, a traditional Kondh motif.

The small beads in the red necklace are so called "white hearts". The glass beads have a white core in a layer of red glass. Fine colour nuances are created by this old technique.

The old glass beads in the orange and ecru necklace are called seed beads. They are worn by tribal women from Orissa, a state in eastern India. Many of these tribal women hardly wear any clothes. The body is covered with different strands of seed beads in many colors, they are even wrapped around the head.

The necklaces are made in family workshops in India.

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