Necklace | Bonda | 3 strands | 45 cm

Old beads - New look

This necklace is handmade by skilled craftswomen in Nepal. It is made with re-used glass beads from necklaces originally worn by women of the Bonda tribes from Odisha, India. They typically wear dozens of glass bead strings as their main form of clothing.
The old glass beads were worn for decades by Bonda women. The Bonda are tribal people who currently live in the hills of Odisha in India. Bonda women only wear a loincloth. Their torsos and heads are covered in strings of colourful beads.
The women from Beads for Life (Nepal) re-use the old glass beads from these strands to make the necklaces. The beads are strung on new cotton threads. The necklaces have a knotted loop closure with a coconut button.
The 3 strands necklace is 45 cm long and the 5 strands measures 55 cm.

The necklaces are packed on a display card of handmade paper.

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