Braided necklace & bracelets

These jewelry is made in small family owned businesses in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Women tie a loose cable from a thin nickel-free white metal thread with a kind of crochet hook. The men pull the cable through small holes of a pulling plate until a cord of the desired thickness has been created. These cords are the base material for the jewelry.

The center piece of the necklace is composed of 3 strands decorated in the middle with a wound wire. The three cords are enclosed in a beautifully tapering casing. The necklace is 50 cm long (select 50 cm in 'size').

The bracelets are 19 cm long and available in a thin strand, a thicker with decoration in the middle and 3 strands (select thin, thick or 3 strands in 'size').

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