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Handmade paper

Our popular wishing flags and stationery are made in Nepal from handmade paper. Cotton waste, old paper and left over natural fibers form the basis of the paper. So no trees are cut. In fact; for every ton of paper we buy in Nepal, 17 trees are planted in the Kathmandu valley. This is how we work together on a greener planet!

The cooperative that makes our paper collection has about 100 members, all permanent employees of the company. Each year they choose a management committee from their midst to actively support the management in policy. School is paid for all daughters of the employees (unfortunately Nepal still has a lot of school dropout among girls).

By buying their products you support activities of the cooperative like AIDS-awareness programs, girls-education and anti-trafficking programs!

Photo 1: assembling the wishing flags
Photo 2: chair of the management committee with Monique Abels from Koperberg
Photo 3 & 4: discussing and processing new designs
Photo 5: screens of our designs
Photo 6: wet paper pulp being distributed evenly on the mould
Photo 7: glueing the flags
Photo 8: women making the retail pack, the envelopes are made in the background

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