Sana Hastakala | Nepal

The fabrics of our yoga pillows are woven by hand in Bhaktapur, one of the ancient royal cities in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal.

Photo 1 and 2: Winding the bobbins for the looms. The weft threads of the thick fabrics are spun by hand, which makes the fabric extra special.

Photo 3 and 4: Ladies behind their loom

Photo 5: The decoration on the top of the pillows is often applied with a block stamp. The blocks are made by craftsmen, cutted from wood.

Photo 6 and 7: Ladies of the block printing studio in Patan at work.

Photo 8 - 11: There are a number of electrical machines in the sewing workshop, but most sewing machines are operated by feet.

Photo 12: The result, a nice cover for a yoga pillow. In the Netherlands a reintegration company fills the pillows with buckwheat hulls.

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