Yoga Pillow | Space Dye | black-grey

Yoga, meditation or an extra pouf in your living room. This pillow is ready for it. It is fair trade made in Nepal from hand-spun and woven cotton. The weft thread is spaced dyed, which gives the fabric a random striped pattern. Carry the pillow with the sturdy handle.

Our yoga pillows are handmade with love by skilled craftswomen in Nepal. In a weaving workshop raw cotton is spun by hand in thick threads. These threads are used to weave fabrics in elaborate patterns. The craftswomen of a small sewing workshop use these handwoven fabrics to make the yoga pillows. In Europe the inner cushion with zipper is filled with buckwheat hulls. The height of the cushion can be adjusted if necessary.

If necessary hand wash very carefully only. 

Size: 28x13 cm.

Hand spun | Hand woven | space dye.

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