Sana Hastakala | Nepal

Our yoga pillows and cushions are made in workshops that are affiliated with Sana Hastakala; an organisation that supports small scale handicraft producers in Nepal. Sana Hastakala means ‘small handicrafts’ in Nepali. They empower women by giving them the change to become a skilled producer. 

In a weaving workshop raw cotton is spun by hand in thick threads. These threads are used to weave fabrics in elaborate patterns.

The craftswomen of a small sewing workshop use the handwoven fabrics to make our pillows. A symbol is applied on top at some pillows with a wooden block stamp. Like the labyrinth;  symbolising the spiritual journey to our own center and back again.

In The Netherlands the yoga pillows are filled with buckwheat shells by a Dutch reintegration organisation. The buckwheat shell stuffing provides optimal support to your spine and are moisturising and grounding due to their unique shape.

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