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In Kerala - a state in southern India - flat dishes are used for cooking food, both for ritual purposes and in everyday use. These cooking bowls are called urulis and were and are used in all kinds of sizes.

Many objects in India are used both in the home and in the liturgy, including the urulis. Small urulis are filled with sauces and served at dinner, larger urulis are used on the stove. But at the same time, urulis filled with offerings are seated at the home altar or taken to the temple. During high tide, huge urulis filled with food are carried in processions. These urulis have special eyes through which carrying poles can be placed.

The urulis are a beautiful example of bronze casting art from Kerala. Since the Chola monarchy, bronze casting has been at a high level in southern India. The urulis are made in so-called 'bell bronze' (bell metal), a very hard bronze alloy with a ratio of approximately 3:1 copper and tin.

Origin: Kerala
Age: 70 - 100 years
Material: bell bronze

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